About Us

Our Story

For me RED evokes feelings of passion, courage, strength, energy, action and motivation.  I think all of these words relate to our health.  It takes courage and strength to make changes to our health. Motivation and action can lead us to a new pathway to balance our body and mind and renew our passion and energy for life.

If you’re not seeing Red, you should be!

Our Vision

My vision is to help people thrive in their life journey by improving their underlying health imbalances through the scientific application of natural health.

To help clients awaken their potential and discover a new perspective on life.

Our Mission

I want to inspire and empower people to succeed in a safe and caring environment by listening, testing, teaching and supporting them.

We all have a unique power to heal, and together we can identify and address the physical, mental, and emotional barriers preventing them from achieving optimal health.

Naturopathy Treatment - Red Naturopathy
Kathleen Park
Naturopath & Medical Herbalist

I am a degree qualified naturopath and medical herbalist. My passion lies in holistic health. I want to hear your story and work towards finding the root cause of symptoms to bring your body back to balance. I offer one-on-one consultations both in-person & online.